The FLOWIN® training tool offers a very efficient comprehensive full body workout. With the FLOWIN® concept you will benefit from a great number of professionally designed training exercises – all fully maximized for highest efficiency. With many years of experience from athletics, the FLOWIN® team has strived to develop a functional and complete training tool intended for all people – of all fitness levels. Much of the team’s attention during the development stage has been focused on how this tool can complete or even replace traditional weightlifting equipment. The FLOWIN® device is the result of a close interdisciplinary co-operation with universities and material engineering experts. This partnership has resulted in a unique fitness tool for optimized training, using only the body as workload. Today more than 300 high-quality workout exercises can be performed on this single piece of equipment.

With the FLOWIN® plate you are training with a carefully tested friction between pads and plate. In one single exercise you are activating several muscle groups, rendering functional strength training. The set-up with pads allows exercises to be performed with different points of support, e.g. elbows and knees or hands and feet. By using different points of support you are adjusting the workout according to your ability, which enables everyone to reach maximum results, regardless of age or training background. On the same set-up you can use static stabilization of specific joints while training, and consequently vary activated muscles, from dynamic (mover) to synergistic (assisting) to static (stabilizing). Working out with the FLOWIN® plate is very effective, and even highly goal-oriented people with great expectations benefit from the tool. By using the free motion bodyweight concept training has moved away from exercises that force the individual to be supported or seated. The FLOWIN® plate is a training tool and concept which helps you achieve desired improvements, may it concern mobility, stability, strength or speed.

The FLOWIN® device is a Swedish training innovation, continuously developed since 2003. Targeted segments include physiotherapy, health & fitness, golf not to mention a variety of other sports. The FLOWIN® line of products was launched in Scandinavia during 2007, and today the concept is set up for distribution worldwide. The training formula is not to be confused with other more sliding-specific products. The FLOWIN® plate provides Friction Training™ – the very opposite of sliding. There are many unique features to the FLOWIN® equipment and concept, including the optimized and guaranteed friction, where one key element is how the friction is produced. The portability of the plate is a proven success. The plate guides the individual with points of references, which are essential to the person training as well as to the instructor. The plate also facilitates easy orientation in group training formats. Indisputably, the benefits of functional training with the FLOWIN® device are unlimited, whether you are an athlete or a beginner.

For the physiotherapist and patient, Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® device offers rehabilitation with very accessible open and closed chain variables. The uniqueness of the product lies in its simplicity and exercise versatility. You are able to perform safe stabilization training as well as to maintain the workload, even at the end of ROM (range of motion). The FLOWIN® training modalities offer active flexibility training at its best.

For the fitness instructor and the individual, Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® plate allows for functional core express classes and superior circuit classes. Very likely the world’s first truly effective strength-based group fitness formula, the FLOWIN® concept adds a new dimension to group formats as well as personal training. The fitness centre can easily store equipment for 30 people on 0.8 square meters.

For the trainer and the athlete, Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® plate provides numerous possibilities to complete training programmes. Core stability and end-of-ROM training are the primary benefits an athlete can draw from this tool. Furthermore, the FLOWIN® plate is a safe and simple tool for introducing children to strength training.

The FLOWIN® high friction device and the training techniques enable strength training without the use of weights, and the workout provides resistance along horizontal, vertical, rotational and diagonal vectors. The plate is also a great dynamic stretching tool, allowing flexibility training during strength exercises. The use of multiple movement levels and multi-joint exercises will give you an invaluable workout, no matter if the trained muscles are primary movers, secondary movers or stabilizers. Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® plate will help you improve stability, mobility, balance, control and co-ordination. It will also render increased performance, improved posture and reduced injury risk. Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® device, utilizing free motion full-body movements helps everyone to develop core strength and to become stronger, faster and more explosive.

Due to resistance controlled friction there is virtually no impact which makes the training advantageous for people recovering from injury or having persisting joint problems like osteoarthritis. Friction makes the precise control of movement easy to maintain and range of motion cannot exceed the level of muscular performance. You control your training and the outcome of it by using a combination of LOAD (friction with the pressure on the plate, the number of point of supports, the point of support placement and the distance between points of support) and MOVEMENT (the number of sets and reps, speed, range of motion and the use of static stabilization).

Friction measurements have been made between the hand pad and the plate. The procedure was performed by putting different weights on the hand pad. The force to pull the pad at a speed of 1 ms-1 was measured using a calibrated dynamometer with digital output. The friction was calculated according to equation 1 where F is the force (N), μ is the friction (-), m is the mass of the weight (kg) and g is the specific gravity (9,8 ms-1). The optimal friction factor is 0.25-0.35 on this plate. The tests were performed by

The FLOWIN® team is proudly associated with the Titleist Performance Institute and the PGA of Sweden.